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Admission Requirements 招生需求

Admission Requirments       招生需求


Complete Application Form 完整的申请表格

Students may apply for admission to 9th, 10th or 11th grade. 学生可以向本校申请9,10,11年级

Student may not be older than 19 years 2 months at graduation 学生高中毕业时的年龄不可超过19岁零2个月

Student must submit SLEP or TOEFEL test score.  (or equivalent ) 学生必须提交 SLEP 或者托福成绩 (其他具有相同说服力的考试亦可)

Minimum GPA of 80 documented by Academic Transcripts for current school 学生当前就读学校的GPA必须高于80

Two Teacher Recommendations 两封教师推荐信

                                                  Personal Statement 自我陈述

                                                 Online interview demonstrating basic English ability 网络在线面试,测评学生基本英语能力