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Advanced Placement Courses AP 课程

St. Francis High School is proud to offer the following Advanced Placement courses. Whether you’re considering taking AP courses or you’re already participating in the program, the decision to take an AP course lets colleges & universities know you have what it takes to succeed in an undergraduate environment. AP provides you the opportunity to earn credit or advanced placement for college and to stand out in the admissions process. AP helps you develop better study habits, improve your writing skills, and sharpen your problem-solving abilities, skills vital to your success in college and in life. AP helps you gain confidence in your ability to tackle academic challenges that you may not have thought possible.  If you are considering taking an AP class, please see your counselor .



AP English Literature AP 英语文学

AP English Composition AP 英语写作

AP World History AP 世界历史

AP US History AP 美国历史

AP Micro-Economics AP 微观经济

AP Macro-Economics AP 宏观经济

AP Biology AP 生物

AP Chemistry AP 化学

AP Physics AP 物理

AP Calculus AB AP 微积分 AB

AP Calculus BC AP 微积分 BC

AP Studio Art AP 影音艺术