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On Campus Residence 学校宿舍

Living Environment 居住环境

Residents of the St. Anthony Residence Program will live in a wing of Justin Hall located on the  third floor, devoted entirely to the Residence, which will accommodate 26 students, each student sharing a room with another student. Each room is furnished with bunkbeds. Each student will have his own desk, dresser, and wardrobe. High speed internet access is also provided in all rooms. Student washrooms include generous space and private shower stalls.   A common recreation area allows students to gather for community events providing opportunities for socialization and camaraderie. In addition, resident students will have access to  other amenities on campus, such as the computer lab, gymnasium, fitness center, and library.

Computers & Internet Access 计算机和互联网

Filtered and monitored high speed  internet access is available in the Residence as is access to a fully equipped computer lab. Students living in the Residence have access to the school’s Fitness Center, gymnasium, and library seven days a week.


住校生居住在位于学校Jusint Hall三楼的St. Anthony宿舍,宿舍可提供26名学生住宿,其中每两名学生居住一间寝室。每间寝室含有上下铺,以及学生自己的书桌,衣橱和衣柜。宿舍宽敞舒适,设施齐全。所有学生寝室都提供高速绿色过滤及监控互联网。宽敞的盥洗室有足够的私人淋浴室。娱乐室为学生提供娱乐消遣及社交活动的机会。除此之外,住校学生还可使用校园内其他生活设施,例如计算机室,室内体育馆,健身中心和图书馆。



Meals & Food Service 饮食服务

Residents will eat together in the Student Dining Room and have access to a Residence kitchen for between meal and evening snacks. Students are  provided three meals per day in the Student Dining Room prepared by Personal Touch Food Service. Parents may provide extra funds via an online account for students to purchase extra food items and snacks.Parents are able to monitor online how their sons are spending their extra food funds.



Members of the St. Anthony Residence Program Staff are professional educators trained in meeting the academic and social needs of each student. Staff members are thoroughly vetted and background checked before being selected to work with students. Each staff member has First Aid certification. Staff members are directly supervised by School Administration who remain on call 24 hours a day toaddress any urgent issues.




The school nurse provides health screening for all residents and monitors the status of any student who may become ill. Resident students may see a local pediatrician or dentist who cares for resident students if they are notable to see their personal physician.

Off Campus Activities

Available off campus activities include excursions planned by Residence Staff as well as activities offered as part of the school’s extracurricular program including: Ski Club, school trips toNew York City and athletic events among many other opportunities.

Resident students may also engage in off campus social events with non-resident students if their parents have signed permission slips for such activities.