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Tuition and Fees 学费

International / Asian

The following tuition and fees apply to International / Asian Residence Students.  Tuition and Fees for the 2016-2017 school year:  $44,250***

(Includes: Tuition, Room/Board, Application and Registration Fee, Standard Administrative Fee, Textbooks, Food Service Fee,Contingency Fee, Fund-raising Fee, and Health Care Fee. Excludes nonstandardextra-curricular - (e.g. Ski Club) 

*  Health Care fees may be discounted for student with proof of health care coverage.

**  9th graders who sit for the entrance and Scholarship Exam will have their tuition reduced by the amount of any scholarship earned. 

*** ALL International Students that come from China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong must be processed and admitted through The Three W Canada International Agency. The tuition rate for these Chinese students receiving the I-20 or F1 student visa from St. Francs is $44,250 (2016/2017) for tuition, and room and board. We provide a very high level of administrative service, staffing, and language liaisons for the families of these students thus causing the tuition and fee rate to be substantially higher than other International Students.




如果学生自己有医保, 医疗保险费用可以减免。